Thursday, April 17, 2014

The Bunny Bear!

Ryan graciously got up at 4am to take Ellen and crew to the Gatwick airport.  (I got up to say goodbye but will admit that I went back to bed after they left).  He made it home with just minutes to spare to leave again on our trip to go see the Hamley's Bunny Bear!  I'd arranged with Nia's mom for us to take the girls and both dads ended up coming along as well (along with Nia's brother).  It was a fun morning out.

Diana and I have often had conversations about when you know you truly "live" somewhere.  The random barometer we've usually used is when you go to the grocery store and run into people you know.  It's a simple marker that shows you know enough people for random meetings.  I must *really* belong in a London. We were walking through Hamleys and I felt a tap on my shoulder.  Yup.  I knew someone who also happened to be there.  What are the chances?

Katy and Nia were the oldest kids at the event (it was designed for kids 4-8) but they didn't mind and really seemed to enjoy themselves.

We had lunch with Nia's family in town then headed our separate ways.  A fun morning!

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