Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Ellen's Visit, Day 5

The last fill day of Ellen's visit, unfortunately.  (Their flight left at 8am the next day, so it was very early goodbyes, indeed).

We let Ellen and crew sleep in a bit and Ryan, Katy and I took Pickles for a walk.  I'd been hearing from a friend about the bluebells and how beautiful they get here.  We stumbled upon them in full bloom and she wasn't kidding!

Ryan and Katy had been talking excitedly for a few days about the "secret rope swing" they'd found in the woods.  They finally took me to it....

My turn!
At last we got ourselves together and headed in toward town.

Our connection took us through King's Cross, so Ellen and Will insisted that they wanted to see "Platform 9 and 3/4."  

Our destination for the day was Camden Market.  We found "Nays" for Turner, but he'd conked out for a nap!

Camden Market is always good for a full day of wandering.  We made Ellen do the foot fish treatment with us.  Pure, ticklish torture!

Luckily, Turner woke up and was delighted to find all the nays around him. He squealed with delight at each new find.
We even checked out our favorite hat shop.  (Turner and Ryan went on a further quest for nays)
And with that, they were gone.  They jetted off the spend a week in Greece.  We had a nice visit and can't wait until the next one!

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