Monday, April 21, 2014

Dog (show) Days

A while back I had spotted a flyer for a "dog show."  It looked like a simple, ameteur event so I suggested we plan to take Katy (and Pickles, too, obviously).

Pickles did *not* like the car trip.  The roads there were far more winding than we'd anticipated and we think she was feeling more than a little carsick....

We made it, finally, with no major incidents.  Katy was registered and off we went!

It turns out the beginning of the event was far more serious (and time consuming) than we'd anticipated.  Since we don't have a pure bred dog that was competing, we just had to wait.

Finally the "junior handler" category was called.  Unfortunately, Pickles wanted very little to do with the entire process and spent most of her effort trying to run back to either Ryan or I (we spread out to attempt to mitigate her desire to run - we may have just confused her more...)

Katy came in fourth.  Pickles wanted out of there.
For the next category we opted to send Ryan up to help so Pickles wouldn't be quite so upset.

Pickles won fourth again!  (Best cross breed)

And with that, her show career began and ended.  Much, much happier at home on laps being snuggled...

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