Friday, April 11, 2014

Quiet Week

Poor Katy started school break as I was still fighting the end of my gimpy knee, having workmen come in to finish up the work on the kitchen and I was trying to clean the house (especially from the mess left by the workmen) before we had company arrive.  Pickles also became emergency level sick and ended up in the doggy ER and at the vet overnight.  I now know which taxi companies allow dogs, though!!  (She had pancreatitis and had hit the point where her intestines were hemmoraging - she stayed overnight for severe dehydration - fluids and observation for the little one).

We managed a few small excursions, but nothing of the magnitude that we are typically able to pull off during a break.

My sweet friend Nicky took us to pick Pickles up when she was released on Tuesday.  After we dropped and settled Pickles at the house we took the kids to lunch and to paint pottery; one of Katy's favorite activities.

Then home for snuggles with a weak and unwell dog.

By that evening she was acting much more energetic, though....

And by the next morning?  Pretty well back to normal!

Since Pickles was feeling better we snuck off to visit the Roald Dahl museum in Great Misendon, which is the next train stop North of us.  Katy rides the tube for free and hates that she doesn't get her own ticket.  Not so for the train.  I think the hilight of the day for her was the fact that I bought her a ticket if her own and she got to let herself through the turnstile all on her own.  Great Misendon is beautiful; rolling, lush hills.  We purchased "The Fantastic Mr. Fox" because it Roald Dahl was inspired by the walks in those hills to write it.

Most of the rest of the week was spent chasing either Pickles:

Or playing with friends.  A good, old fashioned picnic in the woods with friends just can't be beat:

Now, time to get ready for our first visitors!!

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