Saturday, April 12, 2014


Hooray for our first visitors to see us here in London!!  Ellen and Will brought Meira and Turner to see us for a few days before heading on to Greece for a week or so.

Unfortunately, we don't have a big enough car here for everyone so we had to do some fancy footwork for the pickup.  We all drove to the airport to meet the crew, then Ryan took the luggage home and I took everyone else into town via Tube to start the sightseeing (Ryan then took the Tube from the house and met us in town).

The start of our journey:

We came out at Waterloo, had lunch then headed out to see the London Eye.  Note the carrots in the trees.

The line for the Eye was crazy so we opted to push it off until another day.  Will wanted to see Big Ben, so off we headed.  In the courtyard nearby they were filming something...  We heard Meryl Streep was down there but obviously can't confirm:

We meandered a bit further, taking pictures and allowing tired kids to play....

Then we got back on the train to head home for the night.

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