Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Royal Albert Hall

On Wednesday I took Katy and Nia to see a kids performance at the a Royal Albert Hall.

It was a fun little performance and our day was going well.  I took the girls to see the fashion exhibit at the V&A and we were obviously nearing the end of our energy.  One last trip to the bathroom was our undoing!  Somehow Nia managed to lock herself inside a stall in the bathroom and couldn't get out.  She panicked.  Full screaming panic.  Stalls here are different as the doors often go floor to ceiling.  Luckily, there was about 4 inches of space on the bottom so I could hold her hand under the door to reassure her I wasn't leaving her while a stranger kindly went for help.  Finally Nia was freed and we decided to head for home.  I have a feeling Nia may never want to go on an adventure with Katy and I again!!

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