Sunday, February 9, 2014

More Flooding

The rain just won't quit.

On our walk this afternoon we found this tennis ball.  Everything is so soaked even tennis balls are growing things....

We went for a walk in the farm fields near our house.  The flooding was pretty amazing.

These are farm fields, not a stream/river - but it's so bad that it's hard to distinguish!!

We headed up.  This is my attempt at a panorama shot on my camera. 

Into the woods at the top of the hill....

We live on that hill across the valley (in, the appropriately named, Amersham on the Hill.  Old Amersham in in the valley - they're about a mile apart....)

We're really enjoying having access to just about anywhere over here.  You just have to be respectful.

The dogs?  They are not enjoying the consequences of the rain, which include practically daily hosing off to remove mud....

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