Saturday, January 18, 2014

8 at Last!

Katy's birthday haul from us....  (The card included Pounds so she could be taken to Hamleys to shop for what SHE wanted - the day also began with the start of getting a weekly allowance....)

Luckily, she also had a box of presents from Grandpa and Granny waiting to be ripped into!

After breakfast we headed out to pick up two of Katy's new friends for a birthday play morning (let me tell you how nerve wracking *those* invitations were: "Hi, we're the new American family.  Can we whisk your child off for a morning so ours doesn't feel like she's missing out on a birthday celebration??").

We managed to achieve a carload of noisy, giggling girls and off we went to play!

We even managed to teach them air hockey!

Cake was consumed:

A good time was had by all; there were minimal tears and all girls were safely returned home.  A very happy birthday for Katy!

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