Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Last Day of Break

Ryan went back to work on Monday but Katy still had one more day off, so we headed into town.  She said she wanted to ride the London Eye.  No problem.

Turns out it just wasn't our day.  

Something happened further down the tracks significantly delaying, and then ending our train.  No problem, we thought, we'll change trains - the other is just slower.

We finally made it into town and while the London Eye moves so slowly it's hard to tell it's moving, it does move.  As we walked up I could detect no movement.

Nope.  It was shut for 11 days of annual maintenance.  

Luckily our passes are also good for the aquarium, which is almost directly under the Eye.

That's my foot - you have to walk over glass over the shark tank to get in.  The first step is always a bit disconcerting.

Shark photobomb!

The penguins are usually Katy's favorite part - and today was no exception.

I think all she really wanted to do was play in the park....

As Katy played I watched this mouse run back and forth with no fear - several times running directly under my legs.

Luckily, the return trip was uneventful....  School can begin again at last!

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