Monday, January 6, 2014

Queen Mary's Gardens

Katy wanted to head back to the zoo so we got off at a different Tube stop for the walk over this time.

The Jubilee Gates to Queen Mary's Gardens.

The Gardens are within Regents Park and are serenely quiet and very pretty (in the summer - I have a feeling they are indescribably beautiful)

We headed the long way around in search of lunch and adventures.  We found birds.  Lots of them.

Then back into the zoo (we all almost forgot that was the point of our trip we were having do much fun)

It's hard to look relaxed sitting on a turtle.

We were racing the rain, so last stop was a quick visit into our favorite monkey exhibit.

We raced back toward the train through the rose garden side of a Queen Mary's Gardens (again, they will be stunning in summer).  As no dogs are allowed in that section the squirrels are not afraid.  We watched them run up to us and check for signs that we'd feed them (not today - we has no extra food) and then back to forage the trash bins.  Katy peered into one bin to look and I knocked on it from the other side.  A terrified squirrel came flying out of the bin, saw Ryan and was able to change course from flying straight into him - only to jump directly at Katy.  We all broke the serenity of the gardens....  And then laughed the entire way home....

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