Saturday, March 29, 2014

Camden Market and The Cure

I had tickets to see The Cure play at Royal Albert Hall, so Ryan and Katy came into London with me to play for the afternoon before heading our separate ways.

First stop was Camden Market.  We grabbed lunch at the food stalls and ate sitting on the motorcycle seats (hard to see - it was so crowded I couldn't step back far for the picture)

Next up was a crepe....

Then on to the feet fish....  I've seen the fish that are supposed to eat the dead skin off your feet several times but never stopped.  Today we decided both Katy and I would do it.  It TICKLES!  Katy and I both squealed and giggled all 15 minutes....
After our fishy adventure we continued to explore the market and found a gorgeous wood carved staircase.

Then past my favorite unique shoe store.

Next we headed toward Kings Cross to check it out because we'd never been before.  Why not let Katy run in the fountain in her pants (underwear here)?

And then a stroll down the Thames.

At last we went our separate ways.  Ryan and Katy headed for home and I headed to the Royal Albert Hall. The concert was incredible; they performed for 3.5 straight hours and were spot on the entire time.  I jumped and danced the entire time and managed to just catch the last train home, getting home at about 1:30am....

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