Saturday, March 1, 2014

Edison Bear

Katy's class at school has a "class bear" named Edison that takes turns coming home with the kids.  He's back to school the following Monday with a write-up of his adventures.  We got Edison for the weekend finally and vowed to show him a great time!

Meeting Katy's beloved Beanie Boo collection:

He had pizza for dinner.

Borrowed pajamas for the night.

Met the natives:  (well, one of the natives - Annie was terrified of Edison for some reason and refused to get near him)

The next morning the true adventure began.  Edison rode the train into town:

He was taken out to sushi for lunch (bear eat fish, right??)

Then, of course, Edison had to ride the London Eye.

Back underground for more adventures!

Onward to Harrods.  We wanted to take Edison through the pet department but it turns out it closed in January - so we just had a wander instead.

Next Ryan suggested we make another attempt at seeing the Golden Hinde.  Success this time!  It was fun to watch and listen to Ryan recount stories of his time living on the Golden Hinde (I bet even Edison Bear enjoyed it).

For the grande finale to Edison's day we headed to Picadily Circus for dinner.   Ryan thought Edison deserved a glass of wine for surviving the day....  Katy thought maybe sparkling water....

An exhausting but fun day!

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