Sunday, March 2, 2014


After such a full day with Edison we needed a quieter day, so opted to mostly stay home and take the dogs to Rickmansworth for a long walk.  We set off with dogs and an old loaf of bread....

It's hard to see in this picture (and I never really got a better one) but there is a water skier behind that boat.  It was COLD out - perhaps a high of 45.  Much too cold, in my opinion, to be water skiing!

We wandered over to the designated bird feeding area.  There were a lot of swans (or, Queen geese if you're Katy) and people squealing in what we assumed in delight to be so close to them.  Ryan took the Annie and backed off, Katy went in holding some bread and I held Pickles, my phone/camera and the bag of bread.  At some point Ryan ended up with the bag - which becomes important.

It starts off innocently enough.

And then the swans start to march.

They were HUGE.  And then they started to CHASE.

They were smart and knew to attack the person with the bag of bread.  At some point I was far too close for comfort to a bird that stretched almost to my shoulder.  I, obviously, stopped taking pictures at some point during the "attack" as preservation of people and dogs was far more important.  The thing that struck me in the final picture that I snapped (below) is how utterly unafraid it was of ANNIE.  In fact, it aggressively ran at her, hissing.  Very, very scary stuff....

We recollected.  I grabbed the bread and went one way, Ryan shepparded the dogs out the other (and Katy squealed in delight and mock fear the entire time but she was obviously loving it).  

It may be a while before we take bread for the birds again....

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