Thursday, November 28, 2013

Moving time, Part 1. At Last!

Today is the day we take possession of the house.  We'll spend one last night in the hotel (our small shipment with air mattresses doesn't arrive until Friday, but we *do* need to meet the inspector and the Internet guy bright and early)

Seen in the window of the town grocery store....

On our way out the door at 5:30am (it's a long drive from the hotel to our new house - we'll be glad to be done with it!) we were surprised to see a hedgehog.  He was only mildly surprised by us and didn't run far or fast....

At last.  Just waiting n our own house!

First major point of order was a trip to the large grocery store down the hill to stock the fridge.  We saw some, ahem, interesting items....

The "import" section in the beer aisle.

These I bought.  Because why not?

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