Thursday, November 21, 2013

Diana flew to London, landing within an hour of me, to help me look for houses.  (and, I suspect, to make sure I didn't get into any car accidents......).  We spent a week tooling around, looking at a LOT of houses (15ish, I believe) before I fell in love with the town of Amersham - just as the house I was looking at there was rented out from under me.  We wandered back into town to have a despondent lunch and think over my options (I did have a backup house - it just wasn't in as good of a location).  While sitting there I did another internet search for houses in Amersham.  One had *just* come on the market.  I called them and frantically asked if they landlord would accept dogs, and then *begged* them to show it to me immediately.  I didn't have to make it much further than walking in the front entrance way to know it was the right house for us.  I immediately made an offer to rent it, and several days of waiting and negotiating commenced.  By the time Diana left on Thursday morning to fly back to the United States I was able to confidently say that the house was ours!

We may have taken a small amount of time out (but not nearly enough) to look around.  Windsor was a fun and vibrant town (I did look at a house there).

Henley on Thames

We also may have taken time for a drink.  My gin and tonic came served in a Coors Light glass....

But at last we found the lovely Amersham....

VERY sadly I had to wish Diana farewell.  I had so much fun on our adventure (and wished we'd had more "spare" time to play around) and am beyond thankful for her help in keeping me calm and together the entire time.

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