Sunday, May 4, 2014

Whipsnade Zoo

Katy is a HUGE fan of the "Deadly 60" shows that are on the BBC kids channel here.  I received an email from our zoo membership promoting an appearance by Steve Backshall, the show's presenter, at the Whipsnade Zoo.  We has been meaning to check out that zoo anyway, so tickets were secured!

It's a really nice zoo.  Very open and out in the country with gorgeous views all around.

First stop: sign up for the Deadly Explorer contest and pose "with Steve."

We had time before the show so explored the zoo first.

Then on to the main event of our day.  Katy could not have been more thrilled.

She was a little disappointed that he didn't sign autographs, but we did buy her a signed copy of his book, so she was pleased.

On our way out: elephants walking down the road in a line.  Because why not??

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