Sunday, December 22, 2013

Covent Gardens and more...

We headed out in search of Covent  because we'd heard Santa's reindeer would be there for petting and feeding.  It was an absolute madhouse - packed with people!

I'd read about this globe - the display inside is made entirely of Legos.

It may have been packed (and rainy) but was decorated beautifully.

After a quick lunch, we found the reindeer at last!

After the reindeer we wandered Covent Gardens and Jubilee Market.  Then onward to find new adventures.  St. Martin in the Fields Church

A Hemingway tribute....

Back to Trafalgar Square....

From there we decided to explore the National Gallery (I was scolded for taking the following picture - so it's the only one)

Then back to Hamleys for a few minutes (it was so crowded I became clostrophobic quickly)

As we wandered around looking for dinner, we came upon the most incredible chocolate shop....

Finally, a nice dinner out with great company!

A fantastic day!

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